Niels Otani: Publications

Publications are listed in reverse chronological order. Total number of publications: 58.

  1. N. F. Otani, Termination of reentrant cardiac action potential propagation using far-field electrical pacing, IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering 58, 2013-2022 (2011). PMCID: PMC3296456. Abstract | Journal article.

  2. N. F. Otani, Action potential propagation through tissue lacking gap junctions: Application to engrafted cells in myocardial infarcts, Computing in Cardiology 38, 25-28 (2011).  PMCID: PMC3466818. Abstract | Journal article.

  3. A. Gladuli, N. S. Moise, S. A. Helmsley and N. F. Otani, Poincaré plots and tachograms reveal beat patterning in sick sinus syndrome with supraventricular tachycardia and varying AV nodal block, Journal of Veterinary Cardiology 13, 63-70 (2011).  PMCID: PMC3296454. Abstract | Journal article.

  4. N. S. Moise, A. Gladuli, S. A. Hemsley, N. F. Otani,  'Zone of avoidance': RR interval distribution in tachograms, histograms, and Poincaré plots of a Boxer dog, Journal of Veterinary Cardiology 12, 191-196 (2010).  PMCID: PMC3184837. Abstract | Journal article.

  5. L. M. Munoz and N. F. Otani.  Enhanced computer modeling of cardiac action potential dynamics using experimental data-based feedback, Computing in Cardiology 37, 837-840 (2010).  PMCID: PMC3291476. Abstract | Journal article.

  6. N. F. Otani, S. Luther, R. Singh and R. F. Gilmour, Jr., Transmural ultrasound-based visualization of patterns of action potential wave propagation in cardiac tissue, Annals of Biomedical Engineering 38, 3112-3123 (2010). PMCID:PMC2940053.  Abstract | Journal article.

  7. L. M. Munoz, J. F. Stockton and N. F. Otani,  Applications of control theory to the dynamics and propagation of cardiac action potentials, Annals of Biomedical Engineering 38, 2865-2876 (2010).  PMCID: PMC3319447.  Abstract | Journal article online with subscription.

  8. N. F. Otani, R. Singh, A. Neumann, F. H. Fenton, D. W. Infanger, J. Butcher, S. Luther, R. F. Gilmour Jr.  Use of ultrasound imaging to map propagating action potential waves in the heart, Computers in Cardiology 36, 617−620 (2009). Abstract | Journal article.

  9. A. R. M. Gelzer, N. F. Otani, M. L. Koller, M. W. Enyeart, N. S. Moise, R. F. Gilmour Jr.  Dynamically-induced spatial dispersion of repolarization and the development of VF in an animal model of sudden death, Computers in Cardiology 36, 309−312 (2009).  PMCID: PMC2899698. Abstract | Journal article.

  10. R. A. Gray, J. P. Wikswo, N. F. Otani, Origin choice and petal loss in the flower garden of spiral wave tip trajectories, Chaos 19, 033118 (2009).  PMCID: PMC2748696. Abstract | Journal article.

  11. F. H. Fenton, S. Luther, E. M. Cherry, N. F. Otani, V. Krinsky, A. Pumir, E. Bodenschatz, R. F. Gilmour, Jr., Termination of atrial fibrillation using pulsed low-energy far-field stimulation, Circulation 120, 467-476 (2009).  PMCID: PMC2867100.  Abstract | Journal article.

  12. N. F. Otani, D. Allexandre, M. Li, Advanced methods for assessing the stability and control of alternans, in Cardiac Bioelectric Therapy--Mechanisms and Practical Implications,  I. R. Efimov, M. W. Kroll, P. J. Tchou, eds., Chapter 6.4, 525-549, Springer Science+Business Media, New York, NY (2008).

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  14. R. Pariaut, N. S. Moise, B. D. Koetje, J. A. Flanders, S. A. Hemsley, T. B. Farver, R. F. Gilmour, Jr., A. R. M. Gelzer, M. S. Kraus, N. F. Otani, Lidocaine converts acute vagally associated atrial fibrillation to sinus rhythm in German shepherd dogs with inherited arrhythmias, Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine 22, 1274-1282 (2008). Abstract | Journal article.

  15. F. Siso-Nadal, N. F. Otani, R. F. Gilmour, Jr., J. J. Fox, Boundary-induced reentry in homogeneous excitable tissue,  Physical Review E 78, 031925 (2008).  PMCID: PMC2697449.  Abstract | Journal article.

  16. N. F. Otani, A. Mo, S. Mannava, F. H. Fenton, E. M. Cherry, S. Luther, R. F. Gilmour, Jr., Characterization of multiple spiral wave dynamics as a stochastic predator-prey system, Physical Review E 78, 021913 (2008).  PMCID:PMC2933072.  Abstract | Journal article.

  17. A. R. M. Gelzer, M. L. Koller, N. F. Otani, J. J. Fox, M. W. Enyeart, G. J. Hooker, M. L. Riccio, C. R. Bartoli, R. F. Gilmour, Jr., Dynamic mechanism for initiation of ventricular fibrillation in vivo, Circulation 118, 1123-1129 (2008).  PMCID:PMC2933035.  Abstract | Journal article.

  18. R. F. Gilmour Jr., A. R. Gelzer, N. F. Otani, Cardiac electrical dynamics: maximizing dynamical heterogeneity, Journal of Electrocardiology 40, S51-S55 (2007). PMCID: PMC2128760.  Abstract | Journal article.

  19. N. F. Otani, Theory of action potential wave block at-a-distance in the heart, Physical Review E 75, 021910 (2007). Abstract | Journal article.

  20. N. F. Otani and M. Oppenheim, Saturation of the Farley-Buneman instability via three-mode coupling, Journal of Geophysical Research 111(A3), A03302 (2006). Abstract | Journal article.

  21. N. F. Otani, M. Li and R. F. Gilmour, Jr., What can nonlinear dynamics teach us about the development of ventricular tachycardia/ventricular fibrillation?, Heart Rhythm 2, 1261-1263 (2005). Journal article.

  22. D. Allexandre and N. F. Otani, Preventing alternans-induced spiral wave breakup in cardiac tissue: An ion-channel-based approach, Physical Review E 70, 061903 (2004). Abstract | Journal article.

  23. M. Li and N. F. Otani, Controlling alternans in cardiac cells, Annals of Biomedical Engineering 32, 784-792 (2004). Abstract | Journal article.

  24. N. F. Otani, Deep entry of defibrillating effects into homogeneous cardiac tissue, IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering 51, 401-407 (2004). Abstract | Journal article.

  25. M. Li and N. F. Otani, Ion channel basis for alternans and memory in cardiac myocytes, Annals of Biomedical Engineering 31, 1213-1230 (2003). Abstract | Journal article.

  26. N. F. Otani, A primary mechanism for spiral wave meandering, Chaos 12, 829-842 (2002). This article was also selected for publication in the Sept. 1, 2002 issue of Virtual Journal of Biological Physics Research (Vol. 4, Issue 5) (2002). Abstract | Journal article.

  27. T. J. Hund, J. Kucera, N. F. Otani, and Y. Rudy, Ionic charge conservation and long-term steady state in the Luo-Rudy dynamic cell model, Biophysical Journal 81, 3324-3331 (2001). PMCID:PMC1301789.  Abstract | Journal article.

  28. T. J. Hund, N. F. Otani, and Y. Rudy, The dynamics of action potential head-tail interaction during reentry in cardiac tissue: Ionic mechanisms, American Journal of Physiology (Heart and Circulatory Physiology) 279, H1869-H1879 (2000). Abstract | Journal article.

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  58. N. F. Otani, Ph.D. Thesis: Plasma simulation studies in the ion cyclotron frequency range: The Alfvén ion-cyclotron instability and stabilizing effects of ICRF on the interchange mode, University of California, Berkeley (1986).

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