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Biomedical Sciences
Dr. John F. Wootton
Professor of Biochemistry (Emeritus)

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Phone: 607 253 3855
Fax: 607 253 3851

My principal interests relate to the functions of proteins interpreted in a broad sense to include fundamental questions regarding relationships between molecular structure/conformation and mechanisms of action (transport, catalysis) and also relationships between molecular properties and roles in physiological processes (protein digestion, absorption and metabolism of nitrogenous compounds, ion transport).

I have studied primarily the proteins involved in intestinal protein digestion (proteases and aminopeptidases), calmodulin and the vitamin D steroid dependent calcium transport system(s) of intestinal mucosal cells, aminotransferases and hemoglobin.

My most recent and ongoing research interest involves the chemical synthesis and characterization of photolabile derivatives of nucleotides and other second messengers and their applications to time-resolved studies of the regulation of metabolism, transport, and signal transduction across biomembranes.


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