N. F. Otani, Two-Dimensional Detailed Ion Channel Model of Abnormal Cardiac Action Potential Propagation, Computers in Cardiology 1998, Vol. 25, 565-568 (1998).


Cardiac action potential propagation is modeled with a two-dimensional simulation that includes full Luo-Rudy (LRd) ion channel dynamics. Preliminary results show that the L-type calcium current is dependent on the curvature of the propagating wavefront, and that, in the case of spiral wave reentry, calcium-induced calcium release exhibits complex temporal behavior including occasional large releases which occur on the boundary of the spiral wave core. The core region also exhibits significantly lower intracellular calcium concentrations. The computer model uses a simple forward Euler method in combination with a variable, multiple timestep method. The algorithm thereby allows the desktop modeling of a reasonable size spatial region while simultaneously providing for a detailed representation of the action potential upstroke. Attempts to reduce the runtime of the code, including parallelization issues, are also discussed.