Department of Biomedical Sciences


Meeting Time:
3:00-4:00 PM
Lecture Hall III, VRT

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Lorraine M. Capogrossi
Executive Staff Assistant
Biomedical Sciences
T9-014B VRT
Phone: 607-253-3537

MIP Field Seminars Fall 2014

September 25
Dr. Shu-Bing Qian
(Seminar for MIP Field Membership)
Division of Nutritional Sciences, Cornell University
Translational Regulation of Stress Response

October 2
Dr. Florencia Ardon (Suarez Lab)
The Female Reproductive Tract Provides Preferential Passageways for Sperm Over
Tritrichomonas Foetus
Vera Rinaldi (Schimenti Lab)
Checkpoint Pathways in Female Mouse Meiosis

October 16
Dr. Christa Heyward
(Davisson Lab)
Pregnancy in the BPH/5 Mouse Model of Preeclampsia is Characterized by Increased
Inflammation During Pregnancy

October 23
Lauren Witter
(Stokol Lab)
The Role of Tissue Factor in Canine Hemangiosarcoma
Frances Chen (Kurpios Lab)
CRISPR/Cas9 Genome Editing at the Pitx2 Locus: Functional Annotation of Regulatory Elements at a
Genomic Locus Critical for Left-Right Asymmetric Organogenesis

October 30
Kristen Roosa (Place Lab)
Hamsters and the Ovotoxin 4-Vinylcyclohexene Diepoxide Studies on Day Length Effects and Female Mate Choice
November 6
Miguel Angel Brieño Enríquez (Cohen Lab)
Role of NEK1 Kinase in Cohesin Removal and Chromosome Segregation During Meiosis
Dr. Stephen Gray (Cohen Lab)
Crossover Designation During Mouse Meiosis

November 20
Dr. Heinrich Lob
(Davisson Lab)
Blockade of Oxidative Stress in One Small Brain Area Prevents Obesity