Cancer Care at the Cornell University Hospital for Animals  

The Sprecher Institute for Comparative Cancer Research

Staff and Facility

Cheryl Balkman, DVM, Senior Lecturer, Medical Oncology, Section Chief
Kelly Hume, DVM, Assistant Professor, Medical Oncology
Angela McCleary-Wheeler, Assistant Professor, Medical Oncology
Margaret McEntee, DVM, Professor, Medical & Radiation Oncology, Department Chair

Licensed Veterinary Technicians
Laura Barlow, LVT Medical Oncology
Heather Briggs-Woughter, LVT Medical Oncology
Laura Hobbs, LVT Radiation Oncology
Jean Mint, Radiation Oncology
Adrian Martin, LVT, VTS (Oncology) Medical, Radiation Oncology


Cornell University Hospital for Animals (CUHA) is a fully equipped medical, surgical and diagnostic facility that occupies approximately 240,000 square feet and contains the following areas in the Companion Animal Hospital:

Diagnostic Imaging - nuclear imaging, computed tomography, ultrasound capability, fluoroscopy and routine diagnostic imaging (3 rooms). An MR imaging facility will be established within the next year. 14 examination rooms around 4 open space treatment areas. 7 operating suites, separate suites for endoscopy and dentistry. Approximately 100 cages and 60 runs organized in 5 designated clinical ward centers.

Oncology Ward and treatment area is approximately 2,000 sq ft and includes a service office, treatment area and hospital holding space for approximately 50 patients.

Radiation Therapy suite is approximately 1,500 sq ft with a large open area, seminar room and office adjacent to the 500 sq ft vault housing the therapy equipment.

Clinical Laboratories: the NYS diagnostic laboratory is on site. Microbiology, virology, anatomic and clinical pathology services are routinely available.

Intensive Care Unit: 24hr staffed facility with space for 30 patients.

Pharmacy: 2 full-time licensed pharmacists and support staff.

Computer-based Medical Records facility.

Library: The library at the College of Veterinary Medicine is a large, well-supplied medical library with computerized searching and retrieval capabilities and electronic journal access.

Laboratories: A 500 sq ft laboratory available specifically for new faculty in the comparative oncology program. This is in addition to large, shared laboratory equipment facilites and laboratories assigned to the over 40 faculty throughout the Ithaca campus whose research programs are focused on cancer research.

Clinical Services: A multidisciplinary oncology service coordinates medical, radiation and surgical oncology for companion animals with cancer. All routine chemotherapeutic agents are used in conventional protocols. In addition, clinical drug trials are currently being conducted on several investigational compounds.

Radiation Therapy is delivered in-house with a 6 MeV photon accelerator with a range of electrons. A helical CT scanner and 3-D treatment planning capabilities support accurate delivery of radiation therapy. An MR imaging device is to be installed in newly renovated space in June of 2002. State-of-the-art facilities support all surgical oncology procedures. Close interaction is maintained with the specialties of internal medicine, dermatology, ophthalmology and cardiology.