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Department of
Clinical Sciences

DCS Committee on Teaching and Clinical Service

Teaching Resources

Audiovisual Support: Dave Frank (607-253-3696;; Cindy DeCloux (607-253-3505;

Information Technology Support: (607-253-3606;

Registrar: Paige Frey (607-253-3705;

Courseware Program Analyst (on-line evaluations, on-line testing,
web application design and management): Julie Powell (607-253-3843;

Academic Technologies: help set up iClickers, Blackboard, etc.
(; direct contact Barbara Friedman

Scheduling a Meeting or Classroom:

To schedule the Centennial Room, contact Pat Janhonen at 253-3771, or by email at

To schedule a room in the Clinical Program Center, contact any one of the following:

Susan Branch, Administrative Assistant

Dionne Henderson, Administrative Assistant to the Chair

Amy Ingham, Administrative Assistant

Lyn Park, Administrative Assistant

Paula Sharp, Administrative Assistant

Jennifer Young, Material and Safety Coordinator