Department of Clinical Sciences


Advancing the health and well-being of animals and people

Administrative Personnel

photo of Dr. McEnteeMargaret McEntee
Alexander deLahunta Chair of Clinical Sciences

C2-502A Clinical Programs Center, Box 31

Photo of Carol MerkurCarol Merkur
Director of Business Operations

C2-504 Clinical Programs Center, Box 31

Photo of Denise MahaneyDenise Mahaney
Administrative Manager - Finances

C3-513 Clinical Programs Center, Box 25

Photo of Dionne HendersonDionne Henderson
Administrative Assistant to the Chair

C2-507 Clinical Programs Center, Box 31

Photo of Kim EatonKim Eaton
Grant and Contract Coordinator

C3-513 Clinical Programs Center, Box 25

Helpful information

Department of Clinical Sciences Committee on Research and Graduate Education
Guidelines for Voluntary Grant Reviews
Upcoming Funding Opportunities

Doug FinkDouglas Fink
Material and Safety Coordinator

C3-513 Clinical Programs Center, Box 31

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Controlled Substances
Lab and Research safety
Occupational Safety and Health

Faculty listing by Administrative Assistant

Cornell University insigniaSusan Branch
Administrative Assistant

C3-527 Clinical Programs Center, Box 34

N. Abou-Madi
S. Barr
S. Center                             
T. Divers
E. Early
J. Flanders
H. J. Harvey
N. Irby
T. Kern

H. Knapp-Hoch
E. Ledbetter
C. McDaniel
M. Miller
W. Miller

J. Randolph
P. Scrivani
D. Scott
J. Wakshlag

Cornell University insigniaKatlyn Wilcox
Administrative Assistant

C2-005 Vet Medical Center, Box 33

M. Martin-Flores
A. Nixon

D. Sakai
K. Simpson

R. Todhunter
R. Van Hatten

Photo of Lyn ParkLyn Park
Administrative Assistant

C3-513 Clinical Programs Center, Box 31

C. Balkman
J. Cheetham
S. Childs-Sanford
R. de Matos

J. Felippe
D. Fletcher
R. Goggs
K. Hayashi
K. Hume
G. Kollias
A. McCleary-Wheeler
J. Morrisey

S. Peralta
Robin Radcliffe
Rolfe Radcliffe
G. Schoeffler

Photo of Paula SharpPaula Sharp
Administrative Assistant

T7 016A Vet Research Tower, Box 34

D. Ainsworth
S. Cerda-Gonzalez
S. Cheong
E. Davies
C. Dewey

N. Ducharme
L. Fortier
S. Fubini
R. Gilbert

R. Hackett
B. Kornreich
M. Kraus
U. Krotscheck
N. S. Moise
G. Perkins
D. Smith
M. Thompson

Curriculum Personnel

Photo of Pati KirchPati Kirch
Teaching Support Specialist

C2-531A Clinical Programs Center, Box 25

photo of Sara RubySarah Ruby
Veterinary Assistant

C2-641A Clinical Programs Center, Box 25

Tara PetersonTara Peterson
Veterinary Technician

C2-531A Clinical Programs Center, Box 25

Helpful Information

Department of Clinical Sciences Committee on Teaching and Clinical Service

DVM Program

Lab Personnel

Center Lab

Sharon Center, DVM

Cheetham Lab
Jonathan Cheetham, VetMB, PhD, DACVS
Matthew Martin
Emilija Zygelyte

Cheong Lab
Soon Hon Cheong, DVM, PhD
Norm G. Ducharme, DMV, MSc
Marta Cercone, DVM
Post Doctorate Associate
Lisa Mitchell-Thorson
Michael Sledziona
Research Support Specialist
Maria Julia Felippe, DVM, MS, PhD
Steve Miller
Rebecca Tallmadge-Ingram
Research Associate
Ute Schwab
Research Associate
Lisa Fortier, DVM, PhD
Jessica Cross
Shannon Walsh
Gilbert Lab
Robert Gilbert, BVSc, MMed Vet MRCVS
Marcela Bicalho
Post Doctorate Associate
Sarah Ruby
Hayashi Lab
Kei Hayashi, DVM, PhD
Hume Lab
Kelly Hume, DVM, DACVIM (Oncology)
Tina Chew
McCleary-Wheeler Lab
Angela McCleary-Wheeler, DVM, PhD
Angela Santin
Moise Lab
Sydney Moise, DVM, MS
Shari Hemsley Renaud-Farrell
CUHA Technician
Sarah Miller
CUHA Technician
Nixon Lab
Alan Nixon, BVSc, MS
Laila Begum
Research Associate
Ryan Peterson
Radcliffe Lab
Robin Radcliffe, DVM
Kurnia Khairani
Post Doctorate Associate
Simpson Lab Kenneth Simpson, BVM&S, PhD
Francis Davis
Belgin Dogan
Research Associate
Sarah Kalla
Post Doctorate Associate

Shiying Zhang
Post Doctorate Associate
Todhunter Lab

Biobank Home
EBV Home

Rory Todhunter, BVSc, PhD
Marta Castelhano
Research Associate
Elizabeth Corey
Susan Garrison
CUHA Technician
Julie Jordan
Wakshlag Lab
Nutrition Services
Joseph Wakshlag, MS, DVM, PhD
Corri Levine
Angie Struble
CUHA Technician