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Advancing the health
and well-being
of animals
and people

Faculty - Section

Adjunct Faculty Cornell University Hospital
for Animals (CUHA)
Farrier Oncology
Courtesy Lecturers /
Cornell Ruffian Equine
Specialists (CRES)
Imaging Ophthalmology
Emeritus Faculty Curriculum Large Animal Medicine Primary Care Surgery
Anesthesiology Dentistry and Oral Surgery Large Animal Surgery Small Animal Medicine
Cardiology Dermatology Neurology/Neurosurgery Small Animal Surgery
Community Practice Service Emergency and Critical Care Nutrition Theriogenology
      Zoological Medicine

Faculty by Section

Adjunct Faculty

Acland, Gregory
Baneux, Philippe
Brown, Bryan
Casal, Margaret
Peters-Kennedy, Jeanine
Peterson, Mark
Pukazhenthi, Budhan
Radcliffe, Robin
Rawlinson, Jennifer
Rishniw, Mark
Santilli, Roberto


Courtesy Lecturers/Instructors

Appel, Leslie
Cook, Gabriel
Goldberg, Katherine
Pownder, Sarah
Sanchez-Migallon Guzman, David
Vanblaricum, Anita


Emeritus Faculty

Hillman, Robert
Hornbuckle, William
Houpt, Katherine A.
Kallfelz, F.A.
Ludders, John W.
Riis, Ronald
Short, Charles E.
Tennant, Bud C.
Trotter, Eric J.



Boesch, Jordyn
Campoy, Luis

Gleed, Robin D.
Martin-Flores, Manuel
Sakai, Daniel M.



Kornreich, Bruce
Moise, N. Sydney

Community Practice Service

Berliner, Elizabeth
Collins, Brian
Kaplan, Leni K.
Putnam, Holly


Cornell University Hospital for Animals

Warnick, Lorin

Cornell Ruffian Equine Specialists

Ducharme, Normand G.
Fortier, Lisa A.
Hurcombe, Samuel D. A.
Nixon, Alan J.
Ortved, Kyla F.


McDaniel, Carolyn M.

Dentistry and Oral Surgery

Fiani, Nadine
Peralta, Santiago

Earley, Edward T.



Miller, William H.
Scott, Danny W.


Emergency and Critical Care

Fletcher, Daniel J.
Goggs, Robert
Radcliffe, Rolfe
Schoeffler, Gretchen



Kraus, Steve



Scrivani, Peter V.
Thompson, Margret S.
Van Hatten, Ruth A.


Large Animal Medicine

Ainsworth, Dorothy M.
Divers, Thomas J.
Felippe, M. Julia B.
Perkins, Gillian A.


Large Animal Surgery

Cheetham, Jon
Ducharme, Norm G.
Fortier, Lisa A.
Fubini, Susan L.
Hackett, Richard P.
Nixon, Alan J.
Radcliffe, Rolfe
Smith, Donald F.



Cerda-Gonzalez, Sofia
Davies, Emma S.
Dewey, Curtis W.



Wakshlag, Joseph J.



Balkman, Cheryl M.
Hume, Kelly R.
McCleary-Wheeler, Angela L.
McEntee, Margaret C.


Irby, Nita L.
Kern, Thomas J.
Ledbetter, Eric C.


Primary Care Surgery

Harvey, Jay H.


Small Animal Medicine

Barr, Stephen C.
Center, Sharon A.
Miller, Meredith L.
Randolph, John F.
Simpson, Kenneth W.


Small Animal Surgery

Flanders, James A.
Hayashi, Kei
Hayes, Galina M.
Krotscheck, Ursula
Sumner, Julia P.
Todhunter, Rory J.



Cheong, Soon Hon
Gilbert, Robert O.


Zoological Medicine

Abou-Madi, Noha
Childs-Sanford, Sara E.
de Matos, Ricardo
Kollias, George V.
Morrisey, James K.