Cornell University


Clinical Service Overview

Service: VTMED 5604 Large Animal Medicine Service
Reporting Time (for first day of rotation): 8:30 a.m.
Reporting Location: Equine Hospital/Old Pharmacy
Service Hours: Clinical rounds of hospitalized cases at 9:00 am
Service Phone Number: 253-3100
Section Chief: Dr. Dorothy Ainsworth
Faculty Members: Dr. Dorothy Ainsworth, Dr. Thomas Divers, Dr. Marie Julia Felippe, Dr. Sally Ness, Dr. Gillian Perkins
Residents: Dr. Emily Barrell, Dr. Kathleen Mullen, Dr. Emil Olsen
Technical and Support Staff: Meghan Pashow, LVT (Section Supervisor), Kalli Anderson-Dyer (LVT), Rose Bush (LVT) and Cheryl Prince Brotherton (Vet Assistant)
Emergency Duty Roster: Posted on Large Animal ICU board
Individual Preparing Emergency Duty Roster: Rosemary Adessa, 3-3157;
Special Clothing Needed: Coveralls and boots or shoes (durable, not open-toed). Don’t forget name badge.
Instruments or Special Equipment Needed: Leadshank, hoofpick, stethoscope, hemostats, penlight, bandage scissors and a smile!
Questions, revisions and updates to the ‘Clinical Service Overview Sheet’ should be directed to Rosemary Adessa