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Clinical Service Overview

Service: VTMED 5606 Anesthesiology Service
Reporting Time (for first day of rotation): 8:30 am
Reporting Location: SA Anesthesia Induction Room, C2-226 Companion Animal Hospital
Service Hours: Start (7:20am -10:00am) - Done (6:00pm -7:30pm)
Service Phone Number: 253-3011 (SA Induction)
Advance Reading (or Video Review) Required: You will receive a packet of information, ``Welcome to the anesthesia rotation``. Please read this before the orientation on the first Monday.
Section Chief: Dr. Robin Gleed
Faculty Members: Dr. Jordyn Boesch, Dr. Luis Campoy, Dr. Robin Gleed, Dr. Manuel Martin Flores, Dr. Monique Pare
Residents: Dr. Annatasha Bartel, Dr. Alvaro Cisternas, Dr. Diego Portela, Dr. Daniel Sakai
Technical and Support Staff: Sharon Koski-Section Supervisor (LVT), Karen Basher(LVT, VTS), Lynette Degouff (LVT, VTS), Samantha Koba (LVT, VTS/CCRP), McKenzie Learn (LVT), Tara Mercure-McKenzie (LVT, VTS), Angeline Miller (LVT), Amanda Naylor (LVT), Tonya Sorenson, (LVT), Ann Townsend-Pors (LVT)
Emergency Duty Roster: Anesthesiology Roster (You will be on one or two weeknights and possibly a weekend covering primary on-call plus additional weeknights or weekends as backup on-call.)
Individual Preparing Emergency Duty Roster: Ms. Sharon Koski, LVT
Special Clothing Needed: Scrubs (plus long sleeve shirt to keep warm)
Instruments or Special Equipment Needed: 1 Pair of bandage scissors, 1 pair of hemostats, 1 stethoscope, pen, calculator and pen light
Additional Comments: Show up WHEN or before the time you are listed to arrive each day: have your protocols aproved and the doses calculated in mLs. The anesthesia technicians can teach you a lot, protect your from the demands of the many services requiring anesthesia services, and make your life enjoyable, so be prepared to work with them. One person will be assigned daily to Recovery and their job is also to service the anesthetic machines at the end of the day; but it is much more pleasant if all of the students help clean up. Everyone should spend approximately one day each week in Large Animal Anesthesia, although you can trade with rotation colleagues for more days in LA Anesthesia if that is an area of interest for you.
Questions, revisions and updates to the ‘Clinical Service Overview Sheet’ should be directed to Rosemary Adessa