Cornell University


Clinical Service Overview

Service: VTMED 5610 Imaging Service
Reporting Time (for first day of rotation): 8:15 am
Reporting Location: Meet in the hallway outside of C2-237 (Radiology Reading Room) - Companion Animal Hospital
Service Hours: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Service Phone Number: 3-3241 (office), 3-3246 (CAH Clinic)
Advance Reading (or Video Review) Required:
Section Chief: Dr. Meg Thompson
Faculty Members: Dr. Peter Scrivani, Dr. Meg Thompson, Dr. Amy Yeager
Residents: Dr. Justin Cardwell, Dr. Stacy Cooley, Dr. Alana Rosenblatt, Dr. Ruth Van Hatten
Technical and Support Staff: Barb Catlin, RT (Section Supervisor), Molly Copeland (LVT), Jeff Hobbs (LVT), Patty Reynolds (LVT), Renea McNeill (LVT), Brittany Warner (RT), Mike Haner, RT
Emergency Duty Roster: Posted on SA ICU Board, ECC Rotation Schedule and internal imaging website.
Individual Preparing Emergency Duty Roster: Rosemary Adessa, 3-3157 (
Special Clothing Needed: Professional attire; clean lab coat; no ripped jeans.
Instruments or Special Equipment Needed: Nothing needed.
Additional Comments: Please spend some time reading in the Imaging Home Page and Syllabus for the Clinical Rotation. It will be useful during (and hopefully after) the rotation experience.
Questions, revisions and updates to the ‘Clinical Service Overview Sheet’ should be directed to Rosemary Adessa