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Clinical Service Overview

Service: VTMED 6601 Cardiology Service
Reporting Time (for first day of rotation): 9:00 AM
Reporting Location: C2-210 VMC Echo Room (near Imaging Service)
Service Hours: 9:00 a.m. - until work is done
7:30 a.m. (If In-Patients)
7:30 a.m. (Student assigned for emergencies)
Service Phone Number: x3-3504: Echo Room, x3-3191: Cardio Lab (technicians) VRT
Section Chief: Dr. Sydney Moise
Faculty Members: Dr. Bruce Kornreich, Dr. Marc Kraus, Dr. Sydney Moise
Residents: Dr. Eva Oxford
Technical and Support Staff: Shari Hemsley (VTS) and Sarah Miller (LVT)
Emergency Duty Roster: Posted on the Echo room board, SA ICU board and E/CC Rotation Schedule
Individual Preparing Emergency Duty Roster: Rosemary Adessa, 3-3157 (
Special Clothing Needed: White Lab Coat
Professional attire
Instruments or Special Equipment Needed: Stethoscope and calipers
Additional Comments: Cardiology receives patients on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning in general. Some Mondays we receive cases as well. Special appointments may be made on Monday and Friday. Monday is a procedural day whereby patients are treated for disorders that requirement fluoroscopy. Students observe such procedures as pacemaker implantation, atrial fibrillation cardioversion, PDA occlusion or balloon valvuloplasty. Students should always have reading material available on procedural days. On Friday we have special appointments, extended rounds, or echocardiographic practice time directed by the students. We generally have rounds from 9:00 am until 9:45 am. The latter is the time that our appointments begin. Please do not bring personal items to the cardiology room (e.g. backpacks, lunches, coats). There is no room for these in the room and we will have to ask you to store them elsewhere. Please do not use computers in the cardiology room as these are for faculty and technician use unless otherwise instructed. Thank you.

We look forward to you having an excellent learning experience!
Questions, revisions and updates to the ‘Clinical Service Overview Sheet’ should be directed to Rosemary Adessa