Cornell University


Clinical Service Overview

Service: VTMED 6614 Large Animal Emergency and Critical Care
Reporting Time (for first day of rotation): 3:00 pm - Dr. Rolfe Radcliffe, C2-537 CPC first Monday of rotation
Reporting Location: 3:00 pm - Meet in room C2-537 CPC
Service Hours: 24 hour coverage
Service Phone Number: 253-3100 EFAH Admissions Office or Dr. Radcliffe’s office 3-4314
Advance Reading (or Video Review) Required: Please review Rotation Information
Section Chief: Dr. Rolfe Radcliffe
Faculty Members: Dr. Dorothy Ainsworth, Dr. Thomas Divers, Dr. Normand Ducharme, Dr. Marie Julia Felippe, Dr. Lisa Fortier, Dr. Susan Fubini, Dr. Richard Hackett, Dr. Alan Nixon, Dr. Gillian Perkins, Dr. Rolfe Radcliffe
Residents: Dr. Emily Barrell, Dr. Hayley Lang, Dr. Kathleen Mullen, Dr. Emil Olsen, Dr. Wade Walker
Technical and Support Staff: Patrick Brennan,Section Supervisor-LVT, Cory Brown-LVT, Kathie DeWolfe-LVT, Ariana Harris-LVT, Wendy Hicks-LVT, Anne Phillips-LVT, Jennifer Stierly-LVT, KimmiSue Ward-LVT
Special Clothing Needed: Coveralls, boots (not the over shoe type), and scrubs
Instruments or Special Equipment Needed: Stethoscope, thermometer, penlight, bandage scissors, calculator, and watch
Questions, revisions and updates to the ‘Clinical Service Overview Sheet’ should be directed to Rosemary Adessa