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Clinical Service Overview

Service: VTMED 6623 Clinical Rotation in Shelter Medicine: Principles and Practice
Reporting Time (for first day of rotation): 9:00am
Reporting Location: Schurman Hall S1-060 (Intern Office)
Service Hours: Generally 8am to 6pm daily. May vary with caseload, travel, or emergency coverage for the shelter.
Service Phone Number: 410-456-6430 ( Dr. Berliner cell phone)
Advance Reading (or Video Review) Required: Humane Alliance video on Pediatric Spay/Neuter
ASV Guidelines for Standards of Animal Care in Shelters
Section Chief: Dr. Elizabeth Berliner
Faculty Members: Dr. Elizabeth Berliner, Dr. Holly Putnam, Dr. Janet Scarlett
Interns: Dr. Danielle Boes, Dr. Tiva Hoshizaki
Technical and Support Staff: Anne Marie McPartlin, RHAT, VTS (ECC); Karen Nieves, LVT(SPCA TC)607-257-1874; Amanda Grace, Program Coordinator
Emergency Duty Roster: To be discussed at the first staff meeting – may involve ``weekend on-call`` duties.
Individual Preparing Emergency Duty Roster: Elizabeth Berliner - cell 410-456-6430; SPCA TC 607-257-1874
Special Clothing Needed: Business casual, with scrubs daily. Keep an extra set in your car. Close toed shoes must tolerate footbaths/bleaching
Instruments or Special Equipment Needed: Standard stethoscope, penlight, calculator, etc. Lunch and beverages, as we do not always break and we are offsite. Requires your own transportation to and from the shelter. Please leave large bags in your car as the shelter is small.
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