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Medical Waste Disposal

The College of Veterinary Medicine disposes of all Regulated Medical Waste, or RMW, generated by Cornell facilities in Tompkins and Cortland Counties. Parcels of RMW (e.g., biohazard bags and sharps containers) are collected at the CVM Waste Management Facility, where they are packaged for pickup by a commercial, offsite RMW disposal contractor. The contractor, in turn, shreds and disinfects the waste so that it can be disposed of as municipal solid waste.

Refer to the Medical Waste Disposal Guide for general guidance on RMW disposal.

The Waste Management Facility is open to receive waste as follows:

Procedures for RMW Disposal

All RMW delivered to the Waste Management Facility must be submitted using the Medical Waste Tracking System (MWTS). We also provide instructions for delivery of waste to the Waste Management Facility.

RMW cartMedical Waste Carts (photo at left)

Generators located within the main Vet College complex (i.e., Schurman Hall, VRT, VEC, VMC, CPC and associated barns) must transport their waste to the Waste Management Facility in dedicated red transport carts. For information on obtaining a waste cart, contact the MWTS Director at

Disposal Fees

To recover the cost of using its offsite RMW disposal contractor, the CVM charges an RMW disposal fee of $0.42/lb. This fee is charged either to CVM departments (for generators located inside the main Vet College Complex) or to Cornell Environmental Health & Safety (for all other generators.) There is no charge for disposal of carcass waste generated at the College of Veterinary Medicine. For information on other disposal fees, contact Paul Jennette at jpj22 or 3-4227).

For more information, please contact Paul Jennette at 3-4227 or