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Pathological Waste Disposal

The College of Veterinary Medicine operates an alkaline hydrolysis digester for the disposal animal remains and related waste. Waste animal bedding is shipped offsite for disposal.

Refer to the Medical Waste Disposal Guide for general guidance.

The Waste Management Facility is open to receive waste Monday - Friday: 7:00am to 3:30pm

The facility operates beyond these hours for private cremations of large animals, emergencies, and other special circumstances.

Procedures for Pathological Waste Disposal
All pathological waste delivered to the Waste Management Facility must be submitted using the Medical Waste Tracking System (MWTS). We also provide instructions for delivery of waste to the Waste Management Facility.

Disposal Fees
For carcass waste generated by the CVM and other Cornell sources, no fees are charged for routine or incidental waste quantities, but fees outlined below will be charged for large quantities of waste from research projects. Disposal of pathological waste from non-Cornell sources will be charged at the rates outlined below:

If you have any questions on these issues or need additional information, please contact Paul Jennette (jpj22 or 253-4227) or Steve Mosch (sm225 or 253-3288).