Building a sense of community

Staff Council

Introducing the CVM Staff Council:

Staff Council 2013-2014

Back Row (L-R): Cindy, Cathy, Scott, Steve, Paula, Tammy
Front Row (L-R): Linda, Jane, Carol, Sarah


This is a “do it yourself” challenge, no tangible rewards, just the satisfaction that you’re making progress.  Lots of people climb the stairs already, why not set some goals for yourself and see just how far you’ve climbed!

The facts:

  • The Vet Research Tower has 10 flights of stairs starting at the basement and continuing up above the 9th floor (you’ll have to walk back down to the 9th floor if you climb to the 10th floor).
  • Each flight has 20 stairs
  • There are two sets of stairs in the tower, at the east and west end of the building—take your pick!
  • If you’d like to record and keep track of your progress, there are a couple of options.  In the stairwell of the 9th floor at the east end of the building there is a progress chart—add your name, chart your progress and keep climbing!  Alternatively, download our excel spreadsheet from our website and keep track on your computer.
  • We’ve added in some goals for you—famous buildings and mountains around the world—perhaps even one from your native country!

So…find a friend, climb strong and build health! Log your steps using this form

Do you have a question or concern that you would like to discuss with staff council?  We will be setting aside 15 minutes for open conversation with the staff council at several of the meetings this year.  Let us know that you would like to to this and we will add you to our agenda.

College of Veterinary Medicine Staff Council Charter

The College's Staff Council was established by the dean in 2012 to provide a mechanism for non-academic staff to effectively provide input to the Dean and his designees on matters affecting the college work environment for the staff.

The Staff Council will:

  • Facilitate communication between employees and the Dean and facilitate staff participation, by Council or non-Council members, in college standing and ad hoc committees as appropriate
  • Provide a forum for staff participation in the college policy-making process as appropriate
  • Provide input on matters affecting the college work environment for staff
  • Propose strategies or actions to enhance the work environment, build community and recognize the contribution of employees

Please consider joining the Council in the future.

For the purposes of representation on this Staff Council, staff is defined as regular full-time and part-time employees at the College of Veterinary Medicine with non-exempt or exempt status in the non-academic job families listed below.

  • Academic Support (ACASUP) Human Resources (HR)
  • Administration (ADMIN) Information Technology (IT)
  • Alumni Affairs & Development (AAD) Library/Museum (LIBMUS)
  • Auxiliary Services (AUXSRV) Service/Facilities (SRVFAC)
  • Communications/Marketing (COMMKT) Student Services (STUSRV)
  • Finance/Budget/Planning (BDGPLN) Technical (TECH)
  • Health (HEALTH) United Auto Workers (UAW)

The Council will consist of ten representatives, with two representatives from these five groups: AHDC; CUHA; Academic Support/Technical; Administration; Others. Groupings are based on staffing data as of November 2011 and consider a combination of job type alignment and numbers of employees represented in each group. For voting purposes staff lists will be pulled from the human resources system as of August 30th (or as close to that date as possible) each year prior to voting. Members of the CVM Staff Council will be elected by the members of each work group and will serve a two-year term with a limit of two consecutive terms.

Membership Terms and Filling Vacancies

Members of the CVM Staff Council will be elected by the members of each group as defined above and will serve a two-year term with a limit of two consecutive terms. Members may re-run after a year has passed.  Terms will be staggered such that only half of the member’s terms expire each year. To achieve staggered terms, for the initial election the representative from each staff grouping receiving the highest number of votes will serve a three year term and the person with the next highest number will serve a standard two year term.

If a member leaves the Council before their term expires, the Council may vote to place the next highest unseated candidate from the previous election as an interim member or leave the position vacant until the next election, depending on circumstances, such as length of time to the next election.

Elections will be held during the fall of each year with terms of service being January 1 through December 31 of the following year. The hare system of voting will be used with members of each group identified above voting for a slate of candidates with in the groups. Elections will be managed in the Office of the Dean, specifically by the Assistant Dean for Finance & Administration or his designee.