Description    The molds FUSARIUM ROSEUM and F. GRAMINEARUM grow on grains, especially corn, and produce the toxin zearalenone that has estrogen-like activity. Swelling of the vulva and vagina with secondary rectal prolapse is the most common sign. High levels of zearalenone in the dam can lead to piglets being born with enlarged, edematous, and congested vulvas.
Species   Porcine
Signs   Abnormal length estrus cycle, Abnormal length of estrus period, Abnormal size testes/scrotum, Abortion or weak newborns, Anestrus, Female infertility, Increased frequency of urination, Lack of growth or weight gain, Lack of libido or erection, Male infertility, Mammary gland swelling, Mummy, mummified fetus, Pale, Prolapsed rectum, Prolapsed vagina, Skin edema, Small litter size, Swelling mass vagina, Swelling mass, vulva, clitoris, Tenesmus
References   Cortinovis C. Fusarium mycotoxins: Effects on reproductive function in domestic animals—A review. Therio 2013;80:557 [Web Reference]
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