Description    Foals less than 4-days of age developed transient ulcerative dermatitis, thrombocytopenia, and neutropenia. Affected foals survived and were healthy as yearlings. The cause of this cluster of signs is unknown but it might be associated with colostral antibodies or other factors in colostrum. A similar condition was seen in an adult horse.
Species   Equine
Signs   Alopecia, Anorexia, Dullness, Epistaxis, Fever, Hemorrhage of any body part or clotting failure, Mammary gland swelling, Moist skin, hair or feathers, Oral mucosal ulcers, vesicles, Pain mammary gland, Petechiae, ecchymoses, purpura, Pruritus, Skin crusts, Skin edema, Skin erythema, Skin pain, Skin scales, Skin ulcer, Tachycardia, Warm skin
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