Description    A dog developed coma and other clinical signs after long-term play in a body of water. There was marked diuresis with hypoosmolality, hyponatremia, and hypoproteinemia. A diagnosis of acute water intoxication was made; the dog recovered with no specific therapy. Iatrogenic water toxicity was described in cats.
Species   Canine, Feline
Signs   Abnormal pupillary response to light, Anorexia, Ataxia, Blindness, Bradycardia, Coma, Decreased respiratory rate, Dullness, Dysmetria, Hypothermia, Nystagmus, Polyuria, Seizures or syncope, Trembling, Tremor, Vomiting or regurgitation
References   Lee JY. Iatrogenic water intoxication in two cats. J Vet Emerg Crit Care 2013;23:53 [Web Reference]
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