Description    Some species of the INDIGOFERA genus from the Fabaceae family are toxic to horses.
Species   Equine
Signs   Abnormal breath odor, Abnormal proprioceptive positioning, Anorexia, Ataxia, Blindness, Circling, Corneal edema, opacity, Dehydration, Dullness, Dysmetria, Excessive or decreased sleeping, Excessive salivation, Exercise intolerance, Generalized weakness, Head, face, ears, jaw weakness, droop, Inability to stand, Increased respiratory rate, Lacrimation, Oral mucosal ulcers, vesicles, Pale, Paraparesis, Prolonged capillary refill time, Seizures or syncope, Tachycardia, Tetraparesis, Trembling, Underweight, poor condition, thin, emaciated, unthriftiness, ill thrift, Weight loss
References   Ossedryver S. Indigofera spicata (creeping indigo) poisoning of three ponies. Aust Vet J 2013;91:143 [Web Reference]
Lima EF. Poisoning by Indigofera lespedezioides in horses. Toxicon 2012;60:324 [Web Reference]
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