Description    Poisonings by plants with calcinogenic activity have caused enzootic calcinosis. Increased absorption of calcium leads to calcification of soft tissues such as tendons, carotid arteries, abdominal aorta, lungs, heart, kidneys, and liver.
Species   Bovine, Equine, Caprine, Ovine
Signs   Anorexia, Arrhythmia, Dullness, Dyspnea, Exercise intolerance, Forelimb lameness, Forelimb pain, Generalized lameness or stiffness, Hindlimb lameness, Hindlimb pain, Increased respiratory rate, Kyphosis, Reluctant to move, Tachycardia, Underweight, poor condition, thin, emaciated, unthriftiness, ill thrift, Weight loss
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