Description    BRUNFELSIA species are evergreen shrubs that grow well in warm environments and are toxic for dogs. The over 30 species of Brunfelsia reach 24 m tall, approximately 2 m wide, and have sweet smelling tubular flowers.
Species   Canine
Signs   Abnormal proprioceptive positioning, Abnormal pupillary response to light, Anisocoria, Anorexia, Arrhythmia, Ataxia, Blindness, Bloody stools, feces, hematochezia, Colic, Coma, Constant or increased vocalization, Coughing, Decreased amount of stools, absent feces, constipation, Diarrhea, Disoriented, Dullness, Dysmetria, Excessive salivation, Excitement, Fever, Gagging, retching, Generalized weakness, Hyperesthesia, Hypothermia, Inability to stand, Increased frequency of urination, Miosis, Mouth, oral mucosal or tongue pain, Mydriasis, Nystagmus, Opisthotonus, Pain on external abdominal pressure, Seizures or syncope, Sneezing, Trembling, Tremor, Vomiting or regurgitation
References   Clipsham R. Brunfelsia australis (Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow Tree) and Solanum Poisoning in a Dog. JAAHA 2012;48:139 [Web Reference]
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