Description    Epizootics of pulmonary edema and hydrothorax in mature swine were associated with consumption of corn screenings; experimental feeding of the corn screenings to younger swine reproduced the condition. A fungus resembling FUSARIUM MONILIFORME was isolated from the corn and a toxin from F. MONILIFORME (fumonisin B1) produced a similar syndrome following intravenous injections into experimental pigs. Abortions were associated with this toxin in the field, and liver failure was produced in experimental toxicosis.
Species   Porcine
Signs   Abnormal lung or pleural sounds, Abortion or weak newborns, Anorexia, Cyanosis, Dullness, Dyspnea, Excessive salivation, Icterus, Inability to stand, Increased respiratory rate, Lack of growth or weight gain, Paraparesis, Sudden death, Underweight, poor condition, thin, emaciated, unthriftiness, ill thrift, Weight loss
References   O`Donnell K. Veterinary Fusarioses within the United States. J Clin Microbiol 2016;54:2813 [Web Reference]
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