Description    Antihistamines are commonly used by people with colds and allergies and as sleeping aids; dogs and cats can be poisoned by these drugs.
Species   Canine, Feline
Signs   Abnormal behavior, aggression, changing habits, Abnormal pupillary response to light, Anorexia, Ataxia, Coma, Constant or increased vocalization, Diarrhea, Disoriented, Dryness oral mucosa, Dullness, Dysmetria, Excessive or decreased sleeping, Excitement, Fever, Hyperesthesia, Mydriasis, Seizures or syncope, Sudden death, Tachycardia, Trembling, Tremor, Vomiting or regurgitation
References   Worth AC. Diphenhydramine exposure in dogs: 621 cases (20082013). JAVMA 2016;249:77 [Web Reference]
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