Description    Lymphosarcoma can be generalized or localized as in the thymic or intestinal form; cutaneous Lymphoma, also known as Mycosis Fungoides, can mimic many dermatologic conditions. There can be Hypercalcemia or Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia and Thrombocytopenia. There are reports of generalized lymphoma in aborted equine fetuses and in neonates. Primary or true leukemia without discrete mass lesions has been seen in which case the diagnosis is made by blood smear and/or bone marrow aspirate; affected cell lines have included lymphocytes, granulocytes, eosinophils, erythrocytes, and monocytes.
Species   Equine
Signs   Abdominal distention, Abnormal anal, perineal, tail reflexes, Abnormal breath odor, Abnormal corneal pigmentation, Abnormal lung or pleural sounds, Abnormal panniculus reflex, Abnormal proprioceptive positioning, Abnormal size testes/scrotum, Abnormal upper airway breathing sounds, Abortion or weak newborns, Agalactia, Alopecia, Anorexia, Arrhythmia, Ascites, Ataxia, Blepharospasm, Bloody stools, feces, hematochezia, Bradycardia, Chemosis, Colic, Congestion oral mucous membranes, Conjunctival, scleral, injection, Conjunctival, scleral, redness, Corneal edema, opacity, Corneal neovascularization, Corneal swelling, mass, nodule, plaque, Corneal ulcer, Coughing, Decreased amount of stools, absent feces, constipation, Decreased borborygmi, Decreased, muffled, lung sounds, Diarrhea, Dryness of skin or hair, Dull areas on percussion of chest, thorax, Dullness on percussion sinus, Dullness, Dysmetria, Dysphagia, Dyspnea, Dysuria, Enlarged firm ovary, Enlarged, distended, urinary bladder, Enophthalmos, Epistaxis, Excessive salivation, Exercise intolerance, Exophthalmos, Female infertility, Fever, Firm mammary gland, Forefoot pain, Forelimb atrophy, Forelimb lameness, Forelimb pain, Forelimb swelling, Forelimb weakness, Generalized lameness or stiffness, Generalized weakness, Grinding teeth, Head pressing, Head, face, ears, jaw weakness, droop, Head, face, ears, jaw, nose, nasal, swelling, Heart murmur, Hematuria, Hemoglobinuria or myoglobinuria, Hemorrhage of any body part or clotting failure, Hepatosplenomegaly, Hindfoot pain, Hindlimb lameness, Hindlimb swelling, Hyperesthesia, Hyperkeratosis, Hyphema, Icterus, Inability to stand, Increased frequency of urination, Increased respiratory rate, Ingesta in nasal passage, Internal abdominal mass, Jugular pulse, Lack of growth or weight gain, Lacrimation, Laryngeal, tracheal, pharyngeal swelling, Lymphadenopathy, Male infertility, Mammary gland swelling, Miosis, Mucoid nasal discharge, Muffled, decreased, heart sounds, Neck swelling, Neck, chest atrophy, Ocular pain, Oral cavity, tongue swelling, Oral mucosal ulcers, vesicles, Orbital, periorbital, periocular, conjunctival swelling, Pain mammary gland, Pale, Palpable calculi, swelling or mass, bladder, Palpable precordial thrill, Paraparesis, Paraphimosis or priapism, Pelvic atrophy, Pelvic or perineal swelling, Peripheral venous distention, Petechiae, ecchymoses, purpura, Photophobia, Polydipsia, Polyuria, Prolapsed third eyelid, Prolonged capillary refill time, Pruritus, Ptosis, Purulent discharge from eye, Purulent nasal discharge, Red or brown urine, Reluctant to move, Rough hair coat, Seizures or syncope, Sinus arrhythmia, Skin crusts, Skin edema, Skin erythema, Skin hypopigmentation, Skin pain, Skin papules, Skin plaque, Skin pustules, Skin scales, Skin ulcer, Sudden death, Swelling mass ovary, Swelling mass penis, prepuce, testes, scrotum, spermatic cord, Swelling mass uterus, Swelling mass, vulva, clitoris, Swelling skin or subcutaneous, Tachycardia, Tetraparesis, Third degree, complete, atrioventricular heart block, Underweight, poor condition, thin, emaciated, unthriftiness, ill thrift, Urinary incontinence, Warm mammary gland, Warm skin, Weak pulse, Weight loss
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