CONSULTANT is a diagnostic support system used to suggest possible diagnoses or causes for clinical signs and to provide a brief synopsis of the diagnosis/cause including:   1) a general description, 2) species affected, 3) the signs associated with it, and 4) a list of recent literature references.
CONSULTANT is supported by a database consisting of hundreds of signs, thousands of diagnoses/causes, and tens of thousands of literature references.    The database is regularly updated with new information by its author:
Dr. Maurice E. White College of Veterinary Medicine
Cornell University
Ithaca, New York  14853
CONSULTANT can be used in one of two basic modes by clicking the appropriate menu option or link in the header:  Search by Diagnosis or Search by Signs.  In the Diagnosis mode you can search for a specific diagnosis based on a species and one or more diagnosis keywords.   In the Sign mode you can search for possible diagnoses based on a species and one or more signs (specified using a keyword search or by picking from a list.)  When either search finishes, you can display the synopsis of any of the "found" diagnoses.
If you are unable to obtain articles cited in CONSULTANT through local libraries, it may be possible to obtain documents through one of the sources listed at: Veterinary Medical and Related Libraries: An International Directory

CONSULTANT can not and should not be used to make a diagnosis;  it is designed to provide assistance to trained veterinarians similar to that provided by a textbook or diagnostic test.
CONSULTANT is implemented using Microsoft's IIS with Active Server Pages (ASP) and SQL Server.  The program was developed by John Lewkowicz, Director Emeritus, Veterinary Computing Services.