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Some of the literature on the classification, diagnosis, treatment, prognosis, prevention, and explanation of disease describes new disorders or has content of special interest to clinicians. The material below, selected from articles recently entered into Consultant, highlights New & Noteworthy information.

Canine. Rohdin C et al. A KCNJ10 mutation previously identified in the Russell group of terriers also occurs in Smooth-Haired Fox Terriers with hereditary ataxia and in related breeds. Acta Veterinaria Scandinavica 2015;57:26 [Web Reference] 22 May
Canine, Feline. Galluzzi F et al. Effect of urethral infusion of atracurium besylate on manual bladder expression in dogs and cats with spinal cord injuries: a randomised trial. Veterinary Record 2015;176:545 [Web Reference] 22 May
Equine. Schoster A et al. Effect of a Probiotic on Prevention of Diarrhea and Clostridium difficile and Clostridium perfringens Shedding in Foals. Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine 2015;29:925931 [Web Reference] 21 May
Equine. Hinchcliff KW et al. Exercise Induced Pulmonary Hemorrhage in Horses: American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine Consensus Statement. Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine 2015;29:743758 [Web Reference] 21 May
Bovine. Kofler J et al. A simple surgical treatment for bovine digital dermatitis-associated white line lesions and sole ulcers. The Veterinary Journal 2015;204:229231 [Web Reference] 20 May
Porcine. Jung K, Saif LJ. Porcine epidemic diarrhea virus infection: Etiology, epidemiology, pathogenesis and immunoprophylaxis. The Veterinary Journal 2015;204:134143 [Web Reference] 20 May
Bovine. Machado VS et al. The effect of intrauterine infusion of dextrose on clinical endometritis cure rate and reproductive performance of dairy cows. Journal of Dairy Science 2015;98:38493858 [Web Reference] 19 May
Bovine. Maquivar MG et al. Effect of intrauterine dextrose on reproductive performance of lactating dairy cows diagnosed with purulent vaginal discharge under certified organic management. Journal of Dairy Science 2015;98:38763886 [Web Reference] 19 May
Canine. Coyle VJ et al. Biological behaviour of canine mandibular osteosarcoma. A retrospective study of 50 cases (19992007). Veterinary and Comparative Oncology 2015;13:8997 [Web Reference] 17 May
Canine. Th Komnenou A et al. Ocular manifestations of canine transmissible venereal tumour: a retrospective study of 25 cases in Greece. Veterinary Record 2015;176:523 [Web Reference] 16 May
Canine. Cosgrove SB et al. Long-term compassionate use of oclacitinib in dogs with atopic and allergic skin disease: safety, efficacy and quality of life. Veterinary Dermatology 2015;26:171e35 [Web Reference] 15 May
Equine. Walliser U et al. Evaluation of the efficacy of meloxicam for post-operative management of pain and inflammation in horses after orthopaedic surgery in a placebo controlled clinical field trial. BMC Veterinary Research 2015;11:113 [Web Reference] 15 May
Feline. Meekins JM et al. Retinopathy associated with ivermectin toxicosis in five cats. Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association 2015;246:1238-1241 [Web Reference] 14 May
Canine. Packer RMA et al. Impact of Facial Conformation on Canine Health: Corneal Ulceration. PLoS ONE 2015;10:e0123827 [Web Reference] 14 May
Feline. Titmarsh H et al. Vitamin D Status Predicts 30 Day Mortality in Hospitalised Cats. PLoS ONE 2015;10:e0125997 [Web Reference] 14 May
Feline. Scott DW et al. An Open Clinical Trial on the Efficacy of Loratadine for the Management of Allergic Pruritus in 27 Cats. The Japanese Journal of Veterinary Dermatology 2015;21:7-9 [Web Reference] 13 May
Feline. Peterson ME et al. Prevalence and degree of thyroid pathology in hyperthyroid cats increases with disease duration: a cross-sectional analysis of 2096 cats referred for radioiodine therapy Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery 2015:doi:10.1177/1098612X15572416 [Web Reference] 12 May
Canine. Koster L et al. Cyclic neutropenia in a basset hound. Vet Rec Case Rep 2015;3:e000135 [Web Reference] 11 May
Avian. Pritchard J et al. Understanding the biology and control of the poultry red mite Dermanyssus gallinae: a review. Avian Pathology 2015;44::143-153 [Web Reference] 10 May
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