Cornell University Equine Park

Cornell Equine Park - Foals out of Dulcinea

Born 7/16/2006
Diamont x Luck Is Hard Work xx
Registered and branded Oldenburg NA, approved into the Main Mare Book of the Oldenburg Horse Breeders Society (German Oldenburg Verband).

2013 Foal - Derby Julep, aka "Darby", bay filly by Nilena
GOV Premium Foal, GOV Foal of Distinction

July 2013

Darby Oct 2013
October 2013, first time wearing a saddle

2012 Foal - Noah, chesnut colt by Nilena
GOV Premium Foal

September 2012 Noah
September 2012

Noah Nov 2012

Noah Nov 2012

Nov 2012 Noah
Photos above from November 2012

Noah September 2013
September 2013, first time with a saddle on

Noah Oct 2013
October 2013

2011 Foal - Belenus, chestnut colt by Benvolio

Belenus Aug 2011
July 2011

2010 Foal - Benyea, bay colt by Benvolio

July 2010

2009 Foal -
Sadly deceased due to pasture accident fall 2013

2008 Foal - Bendara, bay filly by Benvolio

Dulci 2008 filly
July 2008