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OCTOBER 1-2 2010


The Office of Student and Academic Services and the Veterinary Business Management Association invite you to Career Connections 2010 to be held in conjunction with the NYS Veterinary Conference at the College.

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Registration Deadline is September 15, 2010



Speed Interviews and One-on-One Interviews

Practitioners will have an opportunity to network with and interview students who are seeking summer jobs, externships, internships, and associate positions. 





shawn mcvey  Mr. McVey completed his graduate studies in Political Social Work and Behavioral Science and pursued a career as a Psychotherapist and Program Director in human psychiatric facilities in 1991. Concurrently, he started his consulting business, Innovative Veterinary Management Solutions(formerly Impact Consulting) which specializes in improving health care delivery systems and correcting workplace culture. His segue into veterinary medicine in 1996 led to a second career as a Veterinary Hospital Administrator, Consultant and Public Speaker. He lectures approximately 50 times per year to veterinary health care groups around the world and was chosen as the "Speaker of the Year" at the NAVC and "Continuing Educator of the Year" at WVC.Mr. McVey is the former CEO and current Director of Maximum Potential of Eye Care for Animals, a Phoenix, Arizona based veterinary ophthalmology company that holds 24 practices throughout the United States. Mr. McVey is the founder and co-owner of Veterinary Specialists in Private Practice (VSIPP), an annual conference that provides continuing education for Specialists and Administrators who deliver specialty medicine to the public. He is a graduate of VMI (Purdue's Veterinary Management Institute), a Trustee and Director of the Helping Pet's Foundation and is the first non-veterinarian to be named to the Board of Directors of the American Animal Hospital Association.



Problems and Pain: A New Way of Thinking

Life is difficult, problems hurt and they never really go away. Learn to look at life and work problems from a whole new paradigm—as a catalyst for professional and spiritual growth. We often develop unhealthy workplace behaviors that are simply coping mechanisms for ineffective problem solving, so once we understand how to face problems with discipline we can move through them and SOLVE them rather than obsess over them and pass the difficulties on to the people around us.



Challenges of Integration and Management of Professionals

One of the biggest challenges for veterinary management teams is how to deal with the “emotional blackmail” that comes with trying to manage employees to performance. Learn subtle and direct techniques for influencing and persuading those who report to you to a better level of performance. This lecture will share secrets of performance management that will work for you and your associates and employees.



1:30PM -2:30PM

Communication Skills In The Workplace

As sure as there are absolute protocols for good medicine there are some absolutes that must occur to achieve good communication. Most of the problems associated with a modern veterinary practice have absolutely nothing to do with medicine and everything to do with good communication. Gone are the days where a supervisor’s approach of “my way or the highway” can be effective. For long term success you have to be the best communicator in the house if you want things to go smoothly. If you want to improve your chances of success in whatever your position in the practice then this lecture will help.



Lean and Mean: Getting Things Done

What would happen in a veterinary practice if we rewarded employees for performance instead of for intentions and activities? How do you know what the barriers are to being a learning organization and how do you assess where you are really stalling or are you being held up by lack of competence?


Elephant in the Living Room

Most veterinary organizations suffer from their inability to act on the bilious forces of bad communication and employees who have crossed over to “the dark side.” For many practices there is an inability to correct culture because we just don’t know where to start. It all seems so daunting and every time we try to have the right conversation, it seems to end up messed up in some way. This lecture is designed to give you the words to confront the most pressing issues in your practice. Once the truth is told in any organization the path to correcting the environment becomes clear. Learn to address the elephant in the living room of your practice. If you are brave enough to face the “elephant” then you are ready to take your practice to the next level.






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