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The Office of Student and Academic Services and the Veterinary Business Management Association invite you to Career Connections 2011 to be held in conjunction with the NYS Veterinary Conference at the College.

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Registration Deadline is Friday September 9, 2011




Speed Interviews and One-on-One Interviews

Practitioners will have an opportunity to network with and interview students who are seeking summer jobs, externships, internships, and associate positions. 







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Dr. Carin Smith, President of Smith Veterinary Consulting, works to help veterinarians and their teams create successful lives and careers. She is a consultant, speaker, trainer, and author who gained experience in both large and small animal practice before devoting her time to consulting.Dr. Smith is a member of the Association for Conflict Resolution, the American Society of Training and Development, the Veterinary Hospital Managers Association, and the Society for Human Resource Management. She is a member and has served on the Board of Directors of the American Veterinary Medical Law Association.  In 2010 she received the Distinguished Service Award from the Association for Women Veterinarians. Dr. Smith is a nationally-recognized, award-winning author of hundreds of articles and many books.



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 James F. Peddie, DVM, practices at Drs. Peddie, a two-veterinarian practice specializing in animals of all species  in the motion picture, TV and entertainment industries, as well as consulting on and working on medical, surgical and management problems associated with care of domestic species and captive exotics., Dr. Peddie is an active member of the AVMA, American Association of Zoo Veterinarians, the Society of Aquatic Veterinary Medicine, the Western Veterinary Conference and the California Veterinary Medicine Association. He earned his degree in veterinary medicine from Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1965 and received his post-graduate surgical training at the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine. He lives in Ventura, CA, is married to Linda D. Reeve, DVM also Cornell Class of 1965






Negotiating with Co-Workers- Carin Smith, DVM

Identify situations with the potential for negotiation, and explore assumptions that may block your success. Explore the difference between positions and interests. Evaluate new approaches that can help you create win-win outcomes. Create a plan for influencing others to agree with your idea. Attendees will pair off to practice




Negotiating with Clients-Carin Smith, DVM

Identify assumptions about client communication that may interfere with successful pet health care. Evaluate the difference between negotiation and collaboration, creating a new approach to client satisfaction. Explore the ways clients perceive “value.”  Attendees will create a plan for making a recommendation, and pair off to practice.


10:10AM -11:00AM


Creating Value: How to Create Value for Yourself (or Someone Else) in Your Practice-Carin Smith, DVM

Explore your role and potential for growing your career. Match your interests with actions that will help the practice. Assess and question assumptions that may interfere with your progress. Finish with an action plan for increasing your value at the practice. (Managers and owners will make a plan for how they will help others with this process.) Interactive session.




Generation, Personality and Style at Work-Carin Smith, DVM

Create action steps for accommodating youth, age, style, and personality while the job gets done. Recognize assumptions and behaviors that can help or hinder teamwork in your practice. Explore myths and stereotypes about generational differences. Learn specific tips to improve teamwork. Interactive session.



Interviewing a 2-Way Street". - James Peddie, DVM

How to prep and get ready for the interview.
How to present yourself and what to expect when interviewing for a position in a veterinary hospital.
Questions you can expect and questions you need to ask.
Tips on what to negotiate for and how to do this.



Career Choices for Veterinarians-Carin Smith, DVM

Explore career choices from private practice and beyond, with a focus on matching your interests and life choices. Evaluate trade-offs, examine your stereotypes about various career paths, and hear about people who love their work. Copies of the book, Career Choices for Veterinarians, (2011 edition) will be provided to attendees. Interactive session focused on students.



Why can’t we all be friends? Friendships, work culture, and creating boundaries-Carin Smith, DVM

Everyone wants to get along at work, yet veterinary teams say that difficult co-workers can make life miserable! Learn new approaches to getting along better, including tips for initiating difficult conversations, finding something likable in everyone, and recognizing friendship traps to avoid. Interactive session focused on students. 





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