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25th Annual Fred Scott Feline Symposium
July 26-28, 2013


Greetings from the rolling hills and gorges of Ithaca. It is my pleasure to announce the 25th Annual Fred Scott Feline Symposium, to be held at the College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University between July 26th and 28th, 2013. We have been working hard to bring you an informative and engaging experience at this year’s Symposium as it marks its Silver Anniversary. This year, we are fortunate to have a program of experts from the Colleges of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University and the University of California, Davis, and from the Cornell University Veterinary Specialists in Stamford Connecticut. These speakers represent the cutting edge of both basic research and clinical application in feline medicine, and we are excited to learn from them in the unique combination of academic excellence and informal interaction that has come to epitomize this unique symposium.

We are delighted to have Dr. Jane Sykes, an internationally recognized expert in infectious diseases of companion animals, give reviews and updates on a variety of clinically important feline infections. Dr. Sykes’ presentations are a distinctive combination of information and interaction, and we are confident that attendees will benefit from and enjoy these talks tremendously. We are also fortunate to have Dr. Kenneth Simpson as our keynote speaker, presenting this year’s James R. Richards Memorial Feline lecture. Dr. Simpson is the recipient of a number of prestigious awards, and his basic and clinical expertise in feline inflammatory and infectious diseases that occur “below the diaphragm,” as he likes to say, combined with his upbeat presentation style are guaranteed to educate and to please. We have also enlisted experts who will present updates, reviews, and case-based sessions in a variety of disciplines including dermatology, abdominal imaging, and respiratory pathology. Consistent with our efforts to improve the well-being of cats from the population standpoint, we have drawn upon the expertise of Cornell’s Shelter Medicine Program, and we are excited to be able to present an informative session on the prevention of infectious disease outbreaks in shelters.

Because it’s important for attendees to reconnect with past acquaintances, we have worked with our corporate sponsors to arrange opportunities for you to enjoy a cocktail or have dinner with colleagues and friends. This year’s picnic will be held in the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology, a setting that is guaranteed to both relax and inspire you. Speaking of inspiration, we are honored to be able to present a special dedication to Dr. Fred Scott at this year’s conference. As founder of the Cornell Feline Health Center and friend and mentor to countless veterinarians and non-veterinarians alike, we look forward to commemorating the 25th Anniversary of the Symposium that so appropriately bears his name.

Best regards, and we’ll see you in Ithaca this summer.

Bruce G. Kornreich, DVM, PhD, DACVIM (Cardiology)
Associate Director, Cornell Feline Health Center
Cardiologist, Department of Clinical Sciences
Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine

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