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Angela McCleary-Wheeler

McCleary-Wheeler Research
Cornell University
College of Veterinary Medicine
C3 501D CPC, Box 31
Ithaca, NY 14853

Research/Clinical Interests

My research interests focus on uncovering the molecular mechanisms driving cancer development and progression through detailed investigations into the regulatory mechanisms governing gene expression.  While some genes important to cancer development have clear alterations in their genetic codes to explain changes in their expression in cells, some do not exhibit such defined defects.  We want to understand this observation through the investigation of gene regulation in the context of the epigenetic landscape. I apply this approach to the study of the regulation and function of the oncogene GLI2. The overexpression of GLI2 has been identified in a variety of tumor types, and yet questions remain regarding the mechanisms of this overexpression.  My laboratory seeks to describe and understand the molecular mechanisms governing the activity of the GLI2 gene in cancer cells. 

As veterinary medical oncologist, I am also interested in how we can apply what is learned in the laboratory to our companion animals diagnosed with cancer.  This dual approach to furthering our understanding of cancer allows the opportunity to interact with both basic science researchers as well as clinicians. 

Finally, I enjoy teaching and interacting with students and trainees both in the laboratory and the clinic settings.  Science and medicine are ever-evolving, and the inquisitive nature of students only helps to drive our progress.