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Ronald Riis

Riis Research
Cornell University
College of Veterinary Medicine
S1 113 Schurman, Box 34
Ithaca, NY 14853

Research/Clinical Interests

Cataractogenic Etiologies: Research on nutritional causes of cataracts in salmonides. Evaluated eyes of fish fed diets deficient in amino acids, minerals, and vitamins. Slit lamp and histopathological publications.

Scanning Electron Microscopy: Studies of ocular tissues.

Surgical Research and Clinical Applications of Ultrasonic Fragmentors: Performed and developed techniques which are now widely used in removing cataracts in small animals. Publications and presentations at national international meetings.

Nyctalopia (Night Visual Impairment): As it relates to congenital stationary night blindness. Published papers on equine (Appaloosa) and canine (Briard) conditions.

Progressive Retinal Degeneration: As it relates to acquired and inherent retinal diseases (published and ongoing research).

Dyslipoproteinemias: Investigated dyslipoproteinemias and their affect upon ocular tissues - poster presentation/seminars.

Vitamin E Deficiency: Investigated the affect vitamin E deficiency has on dogs and horses. Vitamin E deficient retinopathy in the dog was published to expose the condition as acquired and similar to central retinal canine degenerations.

Equine Motor Neuron Disease: Equine motor neuron disease was extensively researched and shown to be, in part, due to vitamin E deficiency. The visual manifestations were published, presented as posters, and presented at seminars.

Uveitis in the Dog: Studies on uveitis in the dog induced by distemper virus were presented in seminar and poster form.

Long-Term Research Projects in Tibetan Terriers: A long-term research project in Tibetan Terriers with visual manifestations of an inherent systemic neuronal-ceroid-lipofuscinosis was published in Medical Genetics. This canine model was similar to Kuff's disease in humans.

Ocular Pathology: Ocular pathology revealing pathological similarities to human described lesions, publishing on canine retinoblastoma and equine medulloepitheliomas.

On-going Comparative Ophthalmic Pathology: Specific lymphomas and infectious diseases of feline species.

Research of Tapetal Cell: Research of the tapetal cell characteristics of the large wild cats using x-ray diffraction analysis.

Retinal Detachment: Laser surgery using transpupillary and transscleral technique.

Ocular Melanoma Thermo Therapy: Treatment using indirect or direct diode laser methods.

Intraocular surgery for retinal tear or disinsertional retinal detachment.