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John Ludders

Ludders Publications
Cornell University
College of Veterinary Medicine
S1 113 Schurman, Box 32
Ithaca, NY 14853

Selected Publications

Barton-Lamb AL, Martin-Flores M, Scrivani PV, Bezuidenhout AJ, Loew E, Erb HN, Ludders JW. Evaluation of maxillary arterial blood flow in anesthetized cats with the mouth closed and open. Vet J. 2013 Jun;196(3):325-31.

Paré M, Ludders JW, Erb HN. Association of partial pressure of carbon dioxide in expired gas and arterial blood at three different ventilation states in apneic chickens (Gallus domesticus) during air sac insufflation anesthesia. Vet Anaesth Analg. 2013 May;40(3):245-56.

Campoy L, Martin-Flores M, Ludders JW, Gleed RD. Procedural sedation combined with locoregional anesthesia for orthopedic surgery of the pelvic limb in 10 dogs: case series. Vet Anaesth Analg. 2012 Jul;39(4):436-40.

Campoy L, Martin-Flores M, Ludders JW, Erb HN, Gleed RD. Comparison of bupivacaine femoral and sciatic nerve block versus bupivacaine and morphine epidural for stifle surgery in dogs. Vet Anaesth Analg. 2012 Jan;39(1):91-8.

Santos LC, Ludders JW, Erb HN, Martin-Flores M, Basher KL, Kirch P. A randomized, blinded, controlled trial of the antiemetic effect of ondansetron on dexmedetomidine-induced emesis in cats. Vet Anaesth Analg. 2011 Jul;38(4):320-7.

Santos LC, Ludders JW, Erb HN, Basher KL, Kirch P, Gleed RD. Sedative and cardiorespiratory effects of dexmedetomidine and buprenorphine administered to cats via oral transmucosal or intramuscular routes. Vet Anaesth Analg. 2010 Sep;37(5):417-24.

Ludders JW, Palos HM, Erb HN, Lamb SV, Vincent SE, Gleed RD. Plasma arginine vasopressin concentration in horses undergoing surgery for colic. J Vet Emerg Crit Care (San Antonio). 2009 Dec;19(6):528-35.

Fischer BL, Ludders JW, Asakawa M, Fortier LA, Fubini SL, Nixon AJ, Radcliffe RM, Erb HN. A comparison of epidural buprenorphine plus detomidine with morphine plus detomidine in horses undergoing bilateral stifle arthroscopy. Vet Anaesth Analg. 2009 Jan;36(1):67-76.

Martin-Flores M, Campoy L, Ludders JW, Erb HN, Gleed RD. Comparison between acceleromyography and visual assessment of train-of-four for monitoring neuromuscular blockade in horses undergoing surgery. Vet Anaesth Analg. 2008 May;35(3):220-7.

Asakawa M, Ludders JW, Badgley BL, Erb HN, Gleed RD, Posner LP. Effects of adenosine infusion on the minimum alveolar concentration of isoflurane in dogs. Vet Anaesth Analg. 2007 Jan;34(1):9-14.

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Chevalier H, Posner LP, Ludders JW, French TW, Erb HN, Gleed RD. Accuracy and precision of a point-of-care hemoglobinometer for measuring hemoglobin concentration and estimating packed cell volume in horses. J Am Vet Med Assoc. 2003 Jul 1;223(1):78-83.

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Ludders JW. Another reader opposing thoracic compression for avian euthanasia. J Am Vet Med Assoc. 2001 Jun 1;218(11):1721.

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