Cornell Feline Health Center


Colin R. Parrish, PhD
Director, Feline Health Center and Baker Institute

Dr. Parrish is a world-renowned virologist who has made groundbreaking contributions to our understanding of a number of important animal viruses, including feline panleukopenia and the closely related canine parvovirus. A faculty member of the Baker Institute for Animal Heath since 1988, he is also the director of this esteemed institution. Dr. Parrish’s vision for the Cornell Feline Health Center as a leader in the fields of both basic and applied medical research in cats, and as the premier source of information for veterinary professionals and cat lovers worldwide is an extension of his dedication to excellence and service to the scientific community. The Parrish menagerie includes five cats and one dog.

Bruce G. Kornreich, DVM, PhD, DACVIM
Associate Director for Education and Outreach, Feline Health Center

Dr. Kornreich is a board certified veterinary cardiologist who has broad experience in clinical cardiology, basic science, and veterinary education. He has practiced both private and academic clinical medicine, has undertaken basic scientific research in the fields of cardiology and neuroscience, and has been recognized as an outstanding teacher of students ranging from elementary school children to veterinary students. Dr. Kornreich received both his DVM and PhD from Cornell, and has been a dedicated member of the Cornell Community since 1988. The Kornreich household is home to a (very smart) cat named Einstein and two Staffordshire Terriers who, despite all indications, still think that they are in control.