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Admissions, Discharge, and Medical Records

The Companion Animal Admissions Office 607-253-3060 / 607-253-3788 fax

The Companion Animal Hospital Admissions Office is comprised of highly trained staff members who field hundreds of calls every day, as well as manage scheduling and receiving incoming appointments. After regular business hours, our after-hours coordinators admit emergencies, direct emergency calls, and offer assistance to clients throughout the night.


Admissions Staff
Tammie Bennett
Wendy B.
Steve Daddona - Team Leader
Brandi Hulslander
Laurie Lychalk
Gabrielle Puglisi

After-hour Coordinators
Cheryl Jacob - Team Leader
Lisa Landon
Christine McNamara

The Companion Animal Discharge Office 607-253-3585 / 607-253-4313 fax

The Discharge Office handles billing for all companion animal cases and pharmacy items. They also assist clients in applying for Care Credit and financial assistance when needed.


Discharge Staff
Brenda Lee
Kellie McKee
Lisa Smith
Beth Taylor- Team Leader



The Equine and Nemo Farm Animal Hospitals Admissions and Discharge Office 607-253-3100 / 607-253-3787 fax

The front office staff for our Equine and Nemo Farm Animal Hospitals expertly handle all business related to patient admission and discharge, fielding calls from clients and referring veterinarians, and hospital billing.


Penny Brown
Kathy Strickland
Wendy Sweeney - Team Leader



Medical Records 607-253-3044 / 607-253-3293 fax

The medical record of your animal's visit is a vital component that keeps you and your regular veterinarian informed of the entirety of the treatment received. Our medical records staff meticulously maintains thousands of medical records and ensures continuity of care with each record's proper completion. They are available to assist you and your veterinarian with requests for copies of patients' records and reports.


Medical Records Staff
Carrie Day
Tracy Hammond
Pamela Moore - Team Leader
Sherri Stull

Hours of operation:
M-TH, 7AM - 4:30PM
F, 7AM - 4PM