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Pediatrics and Medical Genetics Clinical Service

To see more clearly...
To understand more fully...
The genetic make-up of disease

Veterinary medical genetics is the branch of medicine that looks at the role genetic factors play in causing a disease, birth defect, or in herited susceptibility to health problems, such as cancer and heart disease for animals of all ages.

Cornell's genetic specialists provide information about inherited diseases, how they are
passed from generation to generation, and the related health implications. Although a complex and evolving field, we do our best to make the
issues surrounding medical genetics clearer.

Lasting and Meaningful Benefits

  • For individual owners, medical genetics is a window into the future: with medical information at your fingertips sooner, you can act faster,
    better controlling your and your pet's future - possibly even taking steps to prevent the onset of life-stealing disease.
  • For breeders, genetic information gives you the power to change the course of the breed. Not only can you maximize the breeding potential
    of your purebred dogs and cats, but you can help to eliminate breed-specific genetic conditions that all too often make life difficult and
    uncomfortable for those in your care.
  • For referring veterinarians, medical genetics offers a new opportunity to extend the services you offer. We will work hand-in-hand with you to
    ensure that you and your patients have all the information you need to manage the health and well-being of your patients.

About the Service

Genetic Workup Appointments

If you suspect that your pet may have a genetic condition, we recommend scheduling a genetic workup appointment. If the condition is confirmed,
we will help you manage and explore treatment options for your pet.

Wellness Appointments
These appointments offer genetic screenings for dogs and cats of any age that allow you to:

  • identify a baseline for your pet's current genetic status;
  • plan for your companion animal's future health;
  • confirm the presence of any genetic disease before condition becomes critical; and
  • provide breeders with the ability to make informed a breeding decisions.

We also offer a breed DNA panel, where we test your dog or cat for all the genetic diseases currently being offered for the breed.

During counseling sessions, our geneticists will discuss the results of genetic screening tests and recommend the best options for managing your
pet's health.