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  • We accept appointments and consultations from veterinarians and owners.
  • If you believe your pet needs nutrition services, you can contact your primary veterinarian or specialist at the Cornell University Hospital for Animals or you can call 607-253-3060 and ask to speak with a nutritionist.
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Nutrition Service

The Cornell University Hospital for Animals is among a small number of animal hospitals across the nation that offers comprehensive nutrition services provided by boarded specialists in the area of veterinary nutrition for hospital and clinic patients, as well as nutrition consultations for animal owners across the country.

Our veterinary nutrition specialists ensure that each of our patients is receiving an optimal diet to promote healing and recovery. For hospital patients who are too sick to eat, our service provides comprehensive tube feeding approached to ensure appropriate nutrition during hospitalization, as well as intravenous nutrition when needed.

We also work with referring veterinarians to create home diet plans to promote wellness and help prevent or treat disease. Our home-prepared formulations use foods from your kitchen to help animals maintain a healthy weight and manage chronic disease. We also provide technician led phone consultations with pet owners looking for the ideal over the counter products for their companions.

Our service works with a wide range of specialists at the Cornell University Hospital for Animals including internal medicine, oncology, cardiology, neurology and exotic specialists to ensure your animal receives the most comprehensive care available in veterinary medicine.