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  • If you believe your animal needs an imaging scan, please contact your primary veterinarian or specialist at the Cornell University Hospital for Animals.

Imaging Service

The Imaging Service at the Cornell University Hospital for Animals maintains the most current technology and employs an experienced staff to obtain medical images and diagnose routine and complex diseases in horses, camelids, and farm animals. Our licensed technicians, board-certified radiologists and radiology residents-in-training perform and interpret imaging examinations on a wide range of species.

Our service uses advanced imaging equipment including CT, MRI, digital radiography, fluoroscopy, ultrasound and nuclear medicine. We provide image interpretation for all hospitalized animals and consultations to veterinarians who submit images by mail or electronically. Outpatient ultrasound (and some limited CT/MRI) examinations are also available. We work with other veterinarians at the Hospital to reduce uncertainty about diagnosis, extent of disease and disease progression.

Equine Imaging