Cornell University Hospital for Animals


Hospital Services

(607) 253-3100

Make an Appointment

  • Please call 607-253-3100 to make an appointment.
  • The Theriogenology Service schedules appointments Mondays to Fridays from 9 am to 3 pm.
  • A valid Coggin's certificate is required for transportation to the hospital or equine park.
  • It is recommended for all elective surgical appointments that your horse's temperature be checked morning and night for three to four days before your appointment. If a temperature above 101.5 degrees F is noted, please call us for recommendations or to reschedule as long transportation or anesthesia for elective surgical procedures are not recommended with a recent fever.
  • If your horse any signs of respiratory disease (coughing, nasal discharge, etc.), any lymph node enlargement or any diarrhea, please seek veterinary attention and call us to reschedule your appointment.
  • Please bring any pertinent medical records or have them faxed to 607-253-3787.
  • Payment is required at the time of service. (See Financial Info.)

Theriogenology (Reproductive Medicine) Service

ExamThe Theriogenology Service at the Cornell University Hospital for Animals provides reproductive medicine services for horses including breeding management, assisted reproductive techniques, semen freezing and supervision of high-risk pregnancies and foaling, as well as medical and surgical treatment for conditions related to the reproductive system. Our staff includes two board-certified veterinarians who collaborate with other veterinarians across the Northeast .

We offer the latest diagnostic, treatment and reproductive medicine techniques and we provide emergency services and hospitalization in a state-of-the-art facility. Our hospital provides access to a broad range of specialists including anesthesiologists, radiologists and soft tissue surgeons to ensure our patients received the most comprehensive care possible. And our experienced staff provides nursing care 24 hours a day.

We offer stud services for healthy mares and stallions, including supervised foaling, at the Cornell Equine Park located one mile from the hospital. We see medical, surgical and emergency reproductive cases at the hospital.

Advanced Techniques

  • Embroyo transfer
  • Transvaginal oocyte recovery
  • Semen collection from stallions for evaluation, shipment or cryopreservation
  • Surgery related to the reproductive tract, torn cervix, laceration after foaling, uro vagina.
  • Management of twinning