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Farm Animal General (Soft Tissue) Surgery

The farm animal general surgery service at the Cornell University Hospital for Animals provides outstanding surgical care for farm animals with a wide range of medical conditions. Our board-certified surgeons have decades of surgical experience and use the most advanced techniques available. They are assisted by skilled surgical residents and veterinary technicians.

The farm animal general surgery service provides both elective and emergency care. Diagnostic capabilities include high resolution radiology, CT and MRI scanning and endoscopy. Procedures are performed in state-of-the-art surgery suites fully equipped with equipment for both traditional and open surgery and for laparoscopic procedures. We work as part of a team with a broad range of specialists including anesthesiologists, internists, dentists, radiologists and other specialists to ensure our patients receive the most comprehensive care possible. Our experienced staff provides nursing care 24 hours a day.

Farm Animal General Surgery --- Common Procedures

  • Cattle
    • Abdominal surgery including surgery for abomasal displacement or volvulus, cecal disease, hardware disease (rumenotomy) and atresia coli in calves
    • Urogenital surgery including Cesarean section, repair of calving injuries, castration and treatment of disorders of the penis and prepuce
    • Surgical treatment of umbilical hernia and navel infection
    • Wound management and reconstructive surgery

  • Sheep and goats
    • General surgical treatment of abdominal, urogenital systems and integument (skin)
    • Cesarean section
    • Management of urolithiasis (blocked sheep or goat)
    • Dehorning

  • Swine
    • Spay of females, neuter of males
    • General abdominal surgery
    • Hernia repair
    • Dentistry
    • Hoof trimming