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UPDATE: Holiday Miracle Sabrina!

UPDATE 1/14/14: Sabrina continues to thrive! She has gained weight and owner reports she is a playful happy cria.


Sabrina was born septic in October and did great after a 2 day visit at Cornell Equine and Farm Animal Hospital (CU-EFAH) . At least until December 17th when she became so bloated and painful that she needed emergency care. The radiographs and CT taken of Sabrina revealed an extremely rare condition in alpacas called a diaphragmatic hernia.  This is when there is a hole in the diaphragm. Thanks to the detailed images the CT provided we were able to tell that it was Sabrina’s second compartment (C2) which was caught in the hole and that she needed surgery. During the surgery we had to remove approximately 1/3 of Sabrina’s C2 and we didn’t know how she would do without it. She was extremely compromised waking up after surgery.  However, Sabrina is a little fighter and after lots of nursing care and adjusting her diet in collaboration with Sabrina’s owners, we stopped a dramatic weight loss and were able to send her home on Christmas day. Some would say it’s a holiday miracle that Sabrina made it home and others might say it was a perfect combination of effort, dedication, hope, and love from the owners and a lot of hard work from multiple sections of Cornell's Equine and Farm Animal Hospital clinicians and staff. Collaborations happened between many services including Large Animal Surgery and Medicine, Anesthesia, and Imaging.

Way to go Sabrina! We wish you a healthy and happy 2014 and beyond!

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