On the horizon: a well-lit future

DykesWith retirement just a couple of months away, Dr. Nathan Dykes ’74 said he would gladly live his career all over again with just one modification: he would have made his way back to Cornell sooner.

After graduation, Dr. Dykes completed a one year medicine/surgery internship, worked in private practice (10 years), and completed a residency in Radiology at the University of Pennsylvania. Part of that training was in nuclear medicine at Cornell and this helped lead into a radiology faculty position at Cornell.

“When Cornell asked me to apply for the position, I was ecstatic,” said Dr. Dykes. “Many of my mentors were still here, and the position allowed me to share my enthusiasm for radiology, help students understand the value of making sound decisions, and encourage them to teach others. You can’t just take and not give back.”

These are words Dr. Dykes has lived by. At the College, he is often called upon for committee service and recommendations for new technology in the Cornell University Hospital for Animals (CUHA). In the community, he is appreciated for his monthly film reading with local veterinarians when cases are discussed and imaging guidance provided though examples. And at the University level, Dr. Dykes has volunteered as a photographer for Cornell’s hockey teams for more than 10 years.

Although he has no plans for practicing veterinary medicine in retirement, he does expect to continue photographing sports and may explore other subjects, including landscape and wildlife. Most importantly, though, he expects to spend more time with his wife, Annie, sharing their interests in hockey, gardening, woodworking, and trains.

“She’s shared me with the profession for more than 40 years,” said Dr. Dykes, reminiscing that he met and married Annie while he was a Cornell veterinary student and she was employed in radiology section of the teaching hospital. “I’ve often worked 7 to 7, six days a week, and spent most of that time under the dim lighting of a radiology reading room! I’m looking forward to spending more time with Annie in the sunshine.”