Your financial assistance will help expedite research which will ultimately improve the health and quality of life of horses and human beings.

Gifts may be made to support specific projects or individuals whom are performing the studies. You may dedicate a gift on behalf of someone, in memory of a person or animal whom has passed away, or in honor of a person or animal still living.

Projects for funding:

1. Arthritis. We have several concurrent projects underway, all of which seek to further our understanding of the basic mechanisms that cause arthritis in order to better design prevention or treatment approaches.

2. Embryonic stem cell studies. Using a variety of approaches, we aim to use equine embryonic stem cells not only as a therapeutic tool, but to also better understand the development of bones and joints. Understanding the fundamentals of bone and joint development will provide insight into the development, and therefore the treatment of several developmental and age-associated diseases such as OCD and arthritis.

3. Tendonitits.

Funding for people:
  Support a PhD candidate.
    Support a surgery resident.
      Establish an endowed chair position.