Flower-Sprecher Veterinary Library

Core Resource Collection

The Library’s Core Resource Collection is an ”open shelf reserve” collection. Established in 1993 in support of the College’s problem-based curriculum, it continues to enhance the present innovative professional curriculum by making multiple copies of heavily used veterinary medical and related textbooks readily accessible to students for finding answers to learning issues or quickly locating current relevant clinical information.

Questions and Assistance
If you need help finding materials, don’t hesitate to ask at the Circulation Desk in the front of the library.

The information on this page is also available in the Core Resource Collection brochure.

Comments and Suggestions
We welcome your suggestions for adding additional copies and/or titles at any time. Contact Reference Services at vetref@cornell.edu or 607-253-3510.

The Core Resource Collection currently contains over 300 titles, or nearly 1,000 volumes. This averages about 3-4 copies per title and some have more than 10 copies. The Core Collection contains the latest editions. Earlier editions are shelved in the stacks and may be borrowed for extended periods.

Guidelines for Use

  • Please be considerate of others.
  • Don’t take more volumes than you can read at one time, i.e. don’t “hog the books” or “squirrel them away.”
  • Reshelve the volumes properly in the right call number order or, at least, leave them on the tables in the reading room when you are finished.

This collection is located on shelves under the windows in the reading room.
One copy of each title is also held on reserve behind the Circulation Desk for 3-hour use both in and outside the Library.

Finding Titles

  • Search the CU Library Catalog for titles, authors or subjects
  • Look for the “Core Resource” location.
  • Browse the shelves in the particular subject area found in the table below. (Note: Some subjects are split. For example, physiology books are found in three locations, QP31-34, RB113, and SF768.)

Shelf Arrangement
The books are generally arranged by subject according to call numbers of the Library of Congress classification system.

Basic Life Sciences (physiology, immunology, microbiology, etc.)
Human Medicine
Veterinary Medicine


Call Number Arrangement for Selected Subjects

Basic Life Sciences Q-QR Behavior problems SF 756
Bacterial pathogens QR 175 Cattle diseases SF 964
Behavior (animal) QL 751 -951 Chicken production SF 487
Cardiovascular physiology QP 102 Dermatology SF 901
Developmental biology QH 491 Dictionary (veterinary) SF 607
Embryology (human) QM 601 Epidemiology SF 780.9
Endocrinology QP 187 Equine med. & surgery SF 951
Genes & Genetics QH 366-430 Ethics SF 756
Histology QM 551 Gastroenterology SF 811
Hormones QP 571 Genetics SF 427, 442
Immunology QR 181-185 Hematology SF 757.3, 769.5
Microbiology QR 41-175 Histology SF 757.3, 761
Microbial disease QR 201 Immunology SF 757.2
Molecular cell biology QH 506-581 Infectious diseases SF 781, 991
Neuroscience QP 355 Laboratory medicine SF 769
Physiology (animal) QP 31  
Physiology (medical) QP 34 SF 772-774
Poisonous plants QK 100 Lameness (equine) SF 907
Renal physiology QP 211 Law & legal aspects KF
Respiratory physiology QP 121 Medicine LA & general SF 745
Reproduction QP 251 Microbiology SF 780-781
Virology QR 360 Neuropathology SF 895
  Nutrition SF 427
Human Medicine R-RD Oncology, cancer med. SF 910
Anesthesiology RD 78-81 Ophthalmology SF 891
Biostatistics RA 407 Orthopedics SF 910.5
Cancer, oncogenes RC 261 Parasitology SF 810
Cardiovascular disease RC 681 Pathology SF 769, 772.6
Dictionary (medical) R 121 Pharmacology, vet. drugs SF 917
Endocrinology RC 648 Physiology (veterinary) SF 768
Epidemiology RA 407 Practice Management SF 756.4
Genetics (medical) RB 155 Poultry medicine SF 995
Pain RB 127 Radiographic diagnosis SF 757.8
Pharmacology (medical) RM 101-300 Reproduction (equine) SF 768.2
Pathology RB 36, 114 Reptile medicine SF 997
Physiology (human) RB 113 Small animal med & surgery SF 981-SF 992
Renal disease RB 630 Swine medicine SF 971, SF 991
Tropical Medicine RC 961 Theriogenology SF 871, 427.2
Zoonoses RC 111 Veterinary med. (general) S F 745
  Surgery (small animal) SF 911
Veterinary Medicine SF Zoo animal medicine SF 996
Anatomy (animals) SF 761  
Avian diseases SF 994 Fisheries SH
Anesthesiology SF 914 Fish diseases SH 171