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Reference and Information

Research Help Hours:  9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday

Reference Services at the Veterinary Library can provide valuable assistance to the Cornell community, veterinary practitioners, and the general public regarding information-related needs.  To take advantage of this help, contact Reference Services in person, at 607-253-3510 or vetref@cornell.edu.

Susanne Whitaker

Reference and Information Assistance
Some examples of types of reference and research help that you can obtain include:

  • Resolving inaccurate or incomplete references
  • Identifying full journal titles from abbreviations
  • Tracking down obscure book or journal titles
  • Finding specific factual information
  • Locating publisher's addresses
  • Finding drug information
  • Locating materials held in other campus libraries
  • Providing advice on searching particular databases
  • Giving help in using and interpreting the Library Catalog
  • Finding information on the Internet
  • Finding full-text electronic journals
  • Providing advice on the proper citation formats for publication
  • Providing copies of articles for various sources
  • Locating historical information and photos about the College and its graduates
  • Resolving difficulties accessing electronic journals and other e-resources
  • Accessing senior seminar papers and other College publications
  • Getting started with e-publishing and using Cornell’s eCommons digital repository
  • Addressing copyright and other scholarly publishing issues

If you have questions concerning utilization of the library and its resources or finding particular information, please don't hesitate to ask at any time!

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Literature Searches
Reference Services can perform literature searches that may range in complexity from "a few good articles" to a comprehensive, retrospective search of several databases.

All that’s needed is a statement of your search topic, as concise as possible, and any related limitations. To make your request, contact Reference Services at 607-253-3510 or vetref@cornell.edu.

Your search will be conducted in one or more Veterinary and Biomedical Databases in a timely manner. The results will be delivered by mail or e-mail per your preference.

There is no cost to Cornell faculty, students, and staff for such expert services. Practicing veterinarians, pet owners, and others off-campus can access these services for a fee through VetAccess.

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Information Management Consultation
Reference Services at the Veterinary Library is happy to provide one-on-one consultation on any aspect of information and materials management. To request this assistance, contact Reference Services at 607-253-3510 or vetref@cornell.edu.

Examples of information and materials management that we can help with include:

  • The use of RefWorks
  • Methods for conducting your own current awareness searches
  • Indexing and organizing print and electronic document files
  • Organizing a collection of personal books or reprints
  • Building databases, scanning documents and uploading them to digital repositories
  • Storing datafiles
  • Creating metadata (data about data) for effective access to various resources, or
  • Any other information-related needs.

Additional Library Guides produced by other campus libraries on a great variety of topics and addressing specialized subject areas can also be of help.

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Guides, Subject Guides, Specialized Bibliographies
If you need a guide on how to find information on a specific topic or subject area, or would like to have a specialized bibliography, contact Reference Services at 607-253-3510 or vetref@cornell.edu.

Additional Library Guides on a great variety of topics and addressing specialized subject areas are available from other campus libraries.

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Chat Live Online
Ask a Librarian provides a chat service that enables you to establish a "real time" online dialog with a reference librarian to get answers to your general questions, or referrals for more specialized queries, without leaving your office or laboratory.

Access this service at any time by selecting Ask a Librarian from the menu at the top of any Cornell University Library web page.

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