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List of College Publications

A number of publications have been produced by and written about the College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University (formerly: New York State Veterinary College and New York State College of Veterinary Medicine) since its establishment in 1894.

Among these are annual reports, books and chapters, commemorative leaflets, newsletters, conference proceedings, periodicals, and other materials concerning activities of the College for public information. Internal, confidential, and personal archival documents, such as committee reports and faculty papers, have typically been excluded. Senior seminars and faculty publications have also been excluded as they are available from other sources.

Links to digitized full text files will be incorporated as these materials are scanned and can be accessed electronically.

This listing of Veterinary College Publications is assembled by Reference Services at the Flower-Sprecher Veterinary Library. Please contact Reference Services, at vetref@cornell.edu or 253-3510 for any additions and corrections.