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Helena H. Haight

Cornell's faculty and alumni would not have been successful were it not for the College's support staff, who sustained and strengthened - often with brilliance and creativity - the mission of the institution. Ellis P. Leonard reported that there were over 60 women who served the College during those early years: in science and instruction, in administration, and in the library. One of them deserves particular mention, for she stood shoulder-to-shoulder with faculty and students.

Living for many years at 914 East State Street in Ithaca, in the residence of Dean and Mrs. Veranus Moore, was Miss Helena H. Haight. She began her career on October 1, 1908 as Moore was beginning his term as the second dean of the College. Her title was Clerk and Librarian, for which she was paid an annual salary of $600. By 1917, her salary had risen to $1,200, an amount that exceeded some of the junior faculty of the day, including future dean William Hagan. In Dr. Leonard's words, Miss Haight "reigned supreme", directing the business office, subduing department chairs, handling administrative tasks large and small, and even awarding student prizes each year prior to the establishment of the formal Honor Day ceremonies.

After serving under three deans with distinction, she retired in 1940. Her last title, Financial Secretary, was roughly comparable to today's Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration. She was one of the earliest and best figures in the stalwart support system that has kept the College moving ahead for more than a hundred years.

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Helena Haight

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