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Florence Kimball
Helen Goldhaft Wernicoff
Interlude, 1910-1936

Marie Koenig Olson
Patricia O'Connor Halloran
Interlude, 1938-1939

Helen Borchmann Doremus
Sylvia Burg Salk
Interlude, 1940s

Catherine Fabricant
Helena Haight

Interlude, 1910-1936

Prior to Helen Goldhaft, four women graduated from Cornell Veterinary College. Florence Kimball was the first in 1910.

The next was Adalyn Schoenfeld Yaskin, 1925. Adalyn Schoenfeld Yaskin was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and was the second female graduate of Cornell Veterinary College. After graduation in 1925, she did research in protozoan parasitology at Mount Sinai Hospital and then in the department of Microbiology at Graduate Hospital of the Graduate School Medicine of the University of Pennsylvania. She married Joseph Yaskin, M.D., Professor and Chairman of the Department of Neurology, Graduate Hospital and Graduate School of Medicine of the University of Pennsylvania, and continued doing research with him. They had two daughters, Rosalyn Yaskin Abrams, M.A. (microbiology and cytopathology) and Joann Yaskin Nevyas, M.D. (ophthalmology). During World War II, she volunteered in the Department of Pathology at Philadelphia General Hospital. She died after a lengthy illness on Dec 8, 1950.

Cornelia Jaynes, 1927 became the third female graduate of the college. After spending a year as a research technician at the Rockefeller Institute, she opened her own practice on a farm in Princeton, New Jersey. In 1951, she established the Small Animal Veterinary Endowment (SAVE), which rescued strays and provided neutering services regardless of the clients' ability to pay. Dr. Jaynes was never able to raise enough funds to build a shelter. She died on her farm April 15, 1969. Two years later, SAVE merged with another organization and, together, they were able to build the shelter of which Dr. Jaynes had dreamed, on the very land where she had spent 40 years caring for the community's animals.

Johanna "Jo" Asmus Sutorius, 1929 was the daughter of Henry Asmus, the College's farriery professor from 1913 until 1939. After Dr. Sutorius graduated in 1929 she went into practice in Sayville, Long Island. She maintained her practice (with some time off to raise her children) until her retirement in 1963. She was active in the New York State Veterinary Medical Society as well as the local professional organizations on Long Island. She died August 4, 1989, in Jensen Beach, Florida.

Three years after Helen Goldhaft left Cornell, Gertrude Fisher Kinsey, 1936 received her degree. Before entering the veterinary college she had earned an arts degree from Cornell, studied for two years in medical school, and done a serious stint as a professional dog breeder, handler, and judge. Upon graduation she became the first female member of the New York City Veterinary Medical Association. In a 1938 article she declared, "Women can handle animals better than men, who, I think, lack something necessary for this difficult work."

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Adalyn Schoenfeld Yaskin
Adalyn Schoenfeld Yaskin

Cornelia Jaynes
Cornelia Jaynes

Johanna Sutorius
Johanna Sutorious

Gertrude Kinsey
Gertrude Kinsey

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